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Nuclear Free Future: Should Vermont Yankee Nuclear Waste Be Dumped in the Southwest?

Margaret Harrington, host of Nuclear Free FutureAs featured on Channel 17 Center for Media and Democracy TownMeeting Television in Burlington, Vermont:

Kevin Kamps, Nuclear Waste Watchdog of Beyond Nuclear, talks with Margaret Harrington, Host of Nuclear Free Future [photo, left], about the federal plan to transfer 40 years of Vermont Yankee nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Following the Trump Administration's lead, Representative Peter Welch supports H.R. 3053, which would reauthorize Yucca Mountain and begin the process of making it operational. Kevin Kamps cites legal, scientific, and logistic reasons not to transfer Vermont nuclear waste to the Southwest.

This half-hour t.v. interview coincides with a related op-ed, "Vermont's Plans to Dump on Nevada," Nuclear Free Future host Margaret Harrington published in the Vermont Digger.

The op-ed has generated a debate in the comments section -- including from Beyond Nuclear. Readers are encouraged to join the debate, at the bottom of the op-ed at the link immediately above.

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