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NIRS: Save the Date: Don't Waste America Telebriefing--Thursday, July 13th!

Announcement from our friends and colleagues at Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS):

Save the Date: Don't Waste America Telebriefing--Thursday, July 13th!

Dear Friend,

Please join us for our live national telebriefing, Don't Waste America!, on Thursday, July 13th, 8pm-9:30pm (EDT)/7:00pm (CDT)/6:00 pm (MDT)/5:00 pm (PDT).

Don't Waste America is a national campaign focused on preventing decades of massive and dangerous high-level radioactive waste transport across the United States, which would occur if efforts to revive the scientifically-indefensible Yucca Mountain, Nevada waste dump are accomplished, or if a Centralized or Consolidated “Interim” Storage (CIS) site for high-level radioactive waste is created.

With the close of five nuclear reactors since 2013, and nine others scheduled to close by 2020, we celebrate the decreased generation of high-level waste at these reactor sites. When fission stops, public health improves! However, it is vital that the solution chosen to isolate and store the generated waste at these closed and/or closing reactor sites, and the waste that continues to be generated at the 99 other nuclear reactor sites that are still operating, is scientifically and morally sound.

Click here to register for the telebriefing and receive all of the details!

The campaign has four main components:  End Yucca, Stop Nuclear Waste Transport, Consolidated Interim Storage, and Hardened On-Site Storage.

  • Ian Zabarte (Principal Man, Western Bands Shoshone Nation Newe Sogobia) will present End Yucca!
  • Diane D’Arrigo (Director, Radioactive Waste Project of NIRS) will present Stop CIS!
  • Deb Katz (Citizen Awareness Network) will present Implement HOSS!
  • Mary Olson (Director, NIRS Southeast) will moderate and reflect on how waste transport intersects with the above.

This national conversation is appropriate for newcomers and seasoned activists alike! We will reserve plenty of time for your questions and short comments after the presentations.

This telebriefing is free, but registration is required. Your confirmation email will include the dial-in number. 

We will begin promptly at 8:00pm (EDT)/7:00pm (CDT)/6:00 pm (MST)/5:00 pm (PST). We hope you will join in!

If you cannot attend, but would like to receive the link to the recorded telebriefing, please register. We will send a link to the recorded telebriefing to all registered participants. 

Thanks for all you do!


Mary Olson

Director, NIRS Southeast Office


Join us for our national Don't Waste America! telebriefing