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Canadian reviewers spot the sales pitch

But they needed to call out the absence of actual facts, a far more troubling fault of the film.

"Pandora’s Promise lacks balance and therefore some credibility." Toronto Star.

"The film’s tone is boosterish, and the cursory treatment of the cost of a nuclear-based energy overhaul, or the viability of renewable energy, tends to arouse skepticism rather than allay it. Opposing voices are limited to vintage clips of anti-nuclear protesters and one gotcha confrontation with septuagenarian anti-nuclear crusader Dr. Helen Caldicott, and that supports the impression that Pandora’s Promise is less an exploration of the subject than a well-constructed sales pitch." Toronto Globe & Mail.

"That [Stone] cherry-picks his facts to prove his thesis is ultimately the doc’s greatest fault. Pandora’s Promise aims, as one speaker puts it, to “put nuclear in its proper context.” Some of these claims – like the Chernobyl fallout zone being comparatively safe, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary – verge on the irresponsible." Now

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