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Save Batamsklip increases oppostion

The draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for a nuclear power station at the Bantamsklip site has been released for public comment, with a closing date set for 10 May 2010. Bantamsklip is situated near the Pearly Beach resort, 50 km east of Hermanus. The Save Bantamsklip Campaign and its affiliates and associated organizations are aiming to remove the Bantamsklip site from consideration altogether. Critical of the EIR, the campaign stated in a press release: “The draft EIR suffers from a number of fatal flaws, such as the failure to specify the type of reactor envisaged for the site. How can we determine scientifically and accurately the environmental impact of a nuclear fission reactor when we don’t know what it is? It is rather like ordering a fleet of motor vehicles at an exorbitant cost, knowing absolutely nothing about the brand, its performance, nor its safety features! The campaign urges supporters to redouble efforts for a World Heritage Site status and for the site to be taken away from Eskom and incorporated into the Agulhas National Park.