Dr Strangelove‚Äôs world
February 9, 2018

Beyond Nuclear was interviewed on RT's program "CrossTalk" re: the Trump administration's Nuclear (Weapons) Posture Review.

See the recording here.

Here is "CrossTalk's" description:

The Pentagon recently released its new Nuclear Posture Review. Its critics are stunned. Not only is the use of nuclear weapons now more thinkable, but the threshold for their use has been lowered. Doctor Strangelove would be proud. Is the world facing another dangerous arms race?

CrossTalking with Michael O'Hanlon [of the Brookings Institution], Kevin Kamps [of Beyond Nuclear], and Adriel Kasonta [an independent international affairs consultant and commentator based in London].

Article originally appeared on Beyond Nuclear (http://www.beyondnuclear.org/).
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