Nuclear Power

Nuclear power cannot address climate change effectively or in time. Reactors have long, unpredictable construction times are expensive - at least $12 billion or higher per reactor. Furthermore, reactors are sitting-duck targets vulnerable to attack and routinely release - as well as leak - radioactivity. There is so solution to the problem of radioactive waste.



Contact your two U.S. senators; urge them to oppose Rick Perry as energy secretary!


ASAP, please
urge your two U.S. Senators to do everything in their power to block Rick Perry's confirmation as Energy Secretary.


Call both of your U.S. Senators' offices in Washington, D.C. during normal business hours, via the U.S. Capitol switchboard, at (202) 224-3121.

In addition, since your U.S. Senators are very likely home for the President's Day recess, phone their in-district office phone numbers (thanks to the Center for Biological Diversity for this link to the in-district phone numbers chart for U.S. Senators nationwide!)

Here is a sample script you can use, or adapt:

Hi, my name is ____ , and I'm from [City, State]. I am calling to ask you to oppose Rick Perry as Energy Secretary.  He has a blatant conflict of interest regarding the Waste Control Specialists radioactive waste dump in Texas. WCS's owner, Harold Simmons, a Dallas billionaire, was also a top campaign contributor to Rick Perry. Now WCS is seeking billions of taxpayer dollars from the Department of Energy to open a centralized interim storage site for high-level radioactive waste, all at taxpayer cost, liability, and risk.”


You can also email or fax your U.S. Senators the same message immediately above at any time. Look up their direct contact info. at their websites for that contact information, listed here. Or when you call them, per the instructions above, ask the staffperson you speak with for the fax number, and/or instructions on how to email your Senator(s).


Signs multiple petitions opposing Rick Perry as energy secretary!


Beyond Nuclear on Solartopia Radio re: Collapse of Atomic Energy Industry

THE COLLAPSE OF THE ATOMIC ENERGY INDUSTRY once again comes to Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour Radio. [The show is at 5pm Eastern on Thursday, Feb. 2nd -- listen live! -- and will be posted at the Solartopia Radio Show's archives afterward.]

LINDA SEELEY of the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace fills us in on the catastrophic Diablo Canyon nukes, surrounded by earthquake faults and in a tsunami zone.  We examine the deal being made to shut it down, and the effort to make that happen faster.

KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear and TIM JUDSON of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service chime in on the collapse of Westinghouse, the overages in nuclear construction around the world, the appointment of an non-regulatory new chair for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the procession of state bailouts, and much more.

As we approach a green-powered Earth, we pray no more of these obsolete, obscene nukes will explode, and that the transition to renewables will proceed as fast as possible.

Thanks to host Harvey Wasserman for having us on once again. It's an honor and a privilege to appear alongside colleagues from NIRS and Mothers for Peace!


Seven Democrats/Independent on U.S. Senate ENR Committee vote against Rick Perry's confirmation as Energy Secretary

As reported in a press release issued by the Honorable Maria Cantwell (Democrat-Washington State), Ranking Member on the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee, she was joined by five fellow Democrats (Ron Wyden from Oregon, Al Franken from Minnesota, Mazie Hirono from Hawaii, Tammy Duckworth from Illinois, and Martin Heinrich from New Mexico), and one Independent who caususes with the Democrats (Bernie Sanders from Vermont), in opposing former Texas governor Rick Perry's confirmation as Energy Secretary.

However, all Republicans on the committee voted in favor of Perry's confirmation; they were joined by three Democrats (Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada), and one Independent who caucuses with the Democrats (Angus King of Maine).

Perry's nomination now goes to the floor of the full Senate for a vote on confirmation.

Beyond Nuclear has highlighted Rick Perry's blatant conflict of interest involving Waste Control Specialists, LLC (WCS), a radioactive waste dump in West Texas. WCS was owned by Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons, who died in late 2013; it is still owned by his family. Simmons was a top campaign contributor to Perry's political career. Under Perry's governorship, WCS was approved for every permit it ever sought, growing into one of the biggest so-called "low-level" radioactive waste dumps in the U.S. Now WCS wants to store more than half the commercial high-level radioactive waste in the country. The U.S. Department of Energy would be the sole customer, and would bear full liability if anything goes wrong. Of course, that means taxpayers would pay billions to build and operate the storage site, and would bear ultimate, unlimited liability. If confirmed as Energy Secretary, Rick Perry would sign that contract, obligating U.S. taxpayers to pay billions, and bear unlimited liability.


Will Rick Perry Privatize America's Nuclear Waste Storage?

As reported at Mother Jones. See Beyond Nuclear's exposé on Energy Secretary-nominee Rick Perry's blatant conflict of interest with Waste Control Specialists, LLC, published at Counterpunch. Take action ASAP -- sign multiple petitions, and contact your two U.S. Senators, urging them to block Perry's confirmation!

Also, submit comments on Thurs., Feb. 23rd to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, opposing private permanent parking lot dumps for high-level radioactive waste!