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3/28/19: Don't Miss the Nationwide Premiere of Power Struggle

POWER STRUGGLE – A Film About A Successful Grassroots Citizens’

Effort To Shut Down A Nuclear Power Plant — Now Available

POWER STRUGGLE, an 86-minute feature-length documentary film, which chronicles the successful grassroots citizens’ effort to shut down a nuclear power plant in Vermont, is now available to watch or order on DVD at

            POWER STRUGGLE will receive its official national broadcast premiere on Free Speech TV this Thursday, March 28 at 8pm ET, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, and then will be re-broadcast throughout the spring. Free Speech TV is available on DISH Channel 9415, DirecTV Channel 348, and streaming on Sling TV, Roku, Apple TV, and at For additional broadcast dates, visit

            The film prominently features nuclear watchdogs Arnie and Maggie Gundersen, along with an array of grassroots activists and elected officials, including Senator Bernie Sanders and Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, who joined forces to achieve a rare grassroots victory in closing an aging nuclear power plant.

            The film has a newly re-vamped website:, where you can watch a 2-minute trailer, read reviews about the film, see additional video excerpts, and order POWER STRUGGLE on DVD, Blu-ray, HD digital download or streaming.

            In addition, you can download a PDF Community Screening Organizing Guide for organizing local screenings at:

Director Robbie Leppzer comments, “After 8 years in the making, I feel very proud to be the storyteller for a national audience of this inspiring story of anti-nuclear activists not only making a huge difference, but actually winning!”

Screening POWER STRUGGLE in your local community can be used as an educational and organizing catalyst to inspire increased citizen awareness and renewed activism about aging nuclear plants and the long-term hazards of radioactive waste.

As the film’s director, Robbie Leppzer is available for speaking engagements – in person or via an online video link – with POWER STRUGGLE at colleges and universities, and at community premieres.  Please contact him at:

"POWER STRUGGLE is the remarkable story about how people power overcame corporate power and government cover-ups to finally shut down an aging and dangerous nuclear plant. We see how small town citizens were transformed into tenacious anti-nuclear activists who triumphed against the odds. POWER STRUGGLE is a hopeful story that reminds us that citizen activism is not just possible, it is essential to saving our endangered planet."

— David Goodman, best-selling author, journalist and radio host, THE VERMONT CONVERSATION 


“David and Goliath battles always need to be documented so people understand the power they have to achieve a desired result even against ridiculous odds.  POWER STRUGGLE documents the acts of ordinary people, many of them senior women, who brought down the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant by focusing their energies, intellects and actions in a unified way.  The filmmaker’s timing proved serendipitous in the footage he was able to capture, the sense of people and place.  Infuriating, deeply moving, and ultimately uplifting, POWER STRUGGLE provides an important record of what it takes to successfully battle a nuclear reactor into shutdown.”                       – Libbe HaLevy, Producer/Host, NUCLEAR HOTSEAT