The Human Toll of the Nuclear Age
December 2, 2017

The Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) takes a look at the human toll of the Nuclear Age from Fermi to Fukushima. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV).

“Where Are the People? A look at the human toll of the Nuclear Age, from Fermi to Fukushima,” featured powerpoint presentations by Arnie Gundersen (chief engineer, Fairewinds Energy Education) and Norma Field (professor emerita, U. of Chicago, East Asian studies), hosted by Dr. Yuki Miyamoto of DePaul University, Dept. of Religious Studies.

Watch the full 2 hour 21 minute event on YouTube.

The event took place in Chicago on Dec. 2, 2017, 75 years to the day, after Enrico Fermi created the first nuclear chain reaction, during the Manhattan Project.

CAN TV also hosted and broadcast “The Human Toll of the Nuclear Age: Fermi to Fukushima,“ a half-hour in-studio show featuring Gundersen and Field, interviewed by NEIS director Dave Kraft.

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