Quick signature needed: Defend the EPA
January 17, 2017

Action alert sent by Ben Schreiber of FOE. (Please note that EPA has wide ranging oversight on nuclear power, radioactive waste, and radiation/health matters. As but a couple examples: EPA determines Protective Action Guidelines (PAGs) for hazardous ionizing radioactivity in the environment and food, in the event of a nuclear disaster; and EPA sets the radiation release regulations at the proposed Yucca Mountain high-level radioactive waste dump in Nevada.)

Scott Pruitt's confirmation hearings in the Senate start TOMORROW. We still don't have your signature to Senator Carper pushing him to block Pruitt's nomination to lead the EPA.

We're running out of time! Add your name now to stop Pruitt, a climate denier and anti-environmental extremist, from leading the EPA.

Donald Trump picked Scott Pruitt -- a climate denier and Big Oil crony -- to lead the EPA.

Pruitt is openly hostile to the EPA’s mission. He would be the most anti-environmental EPA Administrator in history. And he’s spent his career suing the agency.

Pruitt’s confirmation hearings in the Senate start in TWO DAYS. Senator Carper -- the ranking Democrat on the Environment and Public Works Committee -- might break ranks and vote for him. So we need your help to pull out all the stops and make sure he stands up for our planet and blocks Pruitt’s nomination!

Tell Senator Carper: Stop Scott Pruitt from dismantling the EPA!


Scott Pruitt has been Oklahoma’s Attorney General since 2011. He used that position to impede the very agency he’s now charged with leading.

He boasted that he “led the charge … against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their leadership’s activist agenda.”

He has sued the EPA multiple times to roll back the Clean Power Plan and the Clean Water Rule. 

And he literally copied an anti-EPA letter sent to him by Big Oil lobbyists, pasted it onto government stationery, and sent it to Washington with his signature.

Tell Senator Carper to stop an anti-environmental extremist from being in charge of the EPA!



It’s no secret why Pruitt has been so hostile to the EPA. He’s received nearly $315,000 in political contributions from fossil fuel industries. And while leading the Republican Attorneys General Association, he raised at least $3.5 million from fossil fuel interests.

We cannot afford to let Scott Pruitt have this job. Our bedrock environmental protections are at stake. Unless Senator Carper fights back, we’ll have no more Clean Power Plan. No more methane rules. And our environmental policy could be dictated by the oil industry at the expense of the American people.

Tell Senator Carper that his vote is key to stopping Scott Pruitt from destroying our planet!

Standing with you,
Ben Schreiber,
Senior political strategist,
Friends of the Earth


Article originally appeared on Beyond Nuclear (http://www.beyondnuclear.org/).
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