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Resist Trump Network: Action of the Day [re: Sessions for AG]

Action Alert from Resist Trump Network. Please note that the U.S. Attorney General has broad ranging oversight on nuclear power, radioactive waste, and radiation/health matters. As but one timely example: Beyond Nuclear et al. are challenging unprecedented highly radioactive waste truck shipments from Chalk River, Ontario, Canada to Savannah River Site, South Carolina, U.S.A. Although Beyond Nuclear et al.' lawsuit is against the U.S. Department of Energy (DOJ), the U.S. Department of Justice is arguing the case on behalf of DOE. The U.S. Attorney General (AG) runs the DOJ. In fact, most legal matters, involving any federal agency, will very likely involve the AG to some extent, including on nuclear matters. And as the alert makes clear, civil rights and environmental justice (EJ) are closely linked. And nuclear matters impact heavily on EJ, as low income, people of color communities are very disproportionately targeted for hazardous nuclear facilities.


Happy MLK Day!  Yesterday Donald Trump attacked Civil Rights hero and environmental champion John Lewis for standing up to his extremist agenda. Perhaps no one has meshed civil rights and environmentalism better than Rep. Lewis, and yesterday’s attack was a wake up call that we all need to RESIST Trump together.


In honoring Martin Luther King and Rep. Lewis today we are asking that you stand for civil rights and environmental justice by taking a few quick actions in support of the campaign to stop Jeff Sessions from becoming leading the Department of Justice as our next U.S. Attorney General.


Last week, Sessions testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Sen. Cory Booker took the stand against Sessions - making an impassioned plea to the Senate to reject Sessions nomination.  His testimony drew largely on Sessions disgraceful record on race relations and civil rights.


Learn more: about Sessions’ disgraceful history: ACLU report.


Take Quick Action to #StopSessions:


Sample Tweet:

Think about how hard Dr. King fought for #votingrights. Then think about how Jeff Sessions wants to roll them back. #StopSessions #MLKDay


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Share the attached graphic from the Human Rights Campaign on Facebook and other social media channels. [See above.]


And remember to join us tomorrow for our Resist Trump Network check-in call to preview the week ahead (hint: we got another big one.)


The call will take place at 4 pm ET/1 pm PT:  an email with call in number has gone out and a reminder will go out tomorrow.


Talk to you then!

Allison, Ben and Jean

[Allison Fisher of Public Citizen, Ben Schreiber of Friends of the Earth, and Jean Su of Center for Biological Diversity, the founders and coordinators of the Resist Trump Network. The Resist Trump Network holds a 30-minute call every Monday at 4pm Eastern. Please reach out to to receive the call-in information.]