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Kendra Ulrich, FOE nuclear campaigner, joins Beyond Nuclear board of directors

Kendra Ulrich, FOE nuclear campaigner and Beyond Nuclear board memberBeyond Nuclear is excited to announce that Kendra Ulrich, nuclear campaigner at Friends of the Earth (FOE), has agreed to serve on our board of directors. She joins Kay Drey, Lou Friedman, Karl Grossman, Dr. Judith Johnsrud, and Judith Kaufman on the Beyond Nuclear board.

As described in Kendra's FOE staff profile (reproduced in its entirety below), during her graduate studies, she served as the Freeze Our Fukushimas Outreach Coordinator for Beyond Nuclear to organize and implement a pilot project for this campaign.

As shown in "The Activists Occupy Entergy" video posted at the top of Beyond Nuclear's homepage, on March 22, 2012 -- the first day of Vermont Yankee's controversial 20-year license extension, rubberstamped by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission -- Kendra, along with Beyond Nuclear's Paul Gunter and several others, formed the "New England Natural Guard" affinity group. Their non-violent civil disobedience action at Entergy Nuclear's national headquarters in New Orleans resulted in 7 arrests, occurring simultaneously with 168 arrests at Entergy's Vermont headquarters, and 5 more at Entergy's Northeast HQ in White Plains, NY near the Indian Point nuclear power plant.

Kendra was also a featured speaker at the "Mountain of Radioactive Waste 70 Years High: Ending the Nuclear Age" conference in Chicago on December 1-3, 2012, including on the panel about "Nuclear Power/Nuclear Weapons: The Connections." That conference, hosted by Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS), also represented a collaboration between Beyond Nuclear and FOE.

Kendra is currently helping lead FOE's campaign focusing on the problem-plagued San Onofre Units 2 & 3 reactors in southern California, which is part of FOE's Climate and Energy Project.

Following is Kendra Ulrich's FOE staff profile:

Kendra is the nuclear campaigner for Friends of the Earth. She focuses on protecting people and the environment from the threats posed by nuclear energy. Her work is grounded in the basic tenant that all people, both current and future generations, have the intrinsic right to a safe and healthy environment. Prior to joining Friends of the Earth, she spent nearly a decade working on a variety of pollution and energy issues with environmental advocacy organizations. Her previous work has helped to force the multinational corporate owners of polluting facilities to invest millions of dollars in cleaning up, halt the construction of coal fired power plants, shut down dirty factories and pass environmental initiatives. While in graduate school, she was selected as the Congressional Progressive Caucus fellow. As the CPC fellow, she expanded their Energy and Environment Task Force and spearheaded CPC involvement in stopping anti-environmental legislation. During her graduate studies, she also served as the Freeze Our Fukushimas Outreach Coordinator for Beyond Nuclear to organize and implement a pilot project for this campaign. Most recently, she served as the New Hampshire Coordinator for Safe & Green Campaign and on the Coordinating Committee for the regional SAGE Alliance, where she focused garnering the support of local legislators, increasing community involvement, and organizing a mass nonviolent direct action campaign to shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor. She holds an M.S. in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability from Antioch University New England.