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Tweet >> Toothless: "American public needs NRC to be a #nuclear RoboCop-and not a Sergeant Schultz."

Thank you to Scott Stapf of the Hastings Group for this Tweet:

Toothless: "American public needs NRC to be a #nuclear RoboCop—and not a Sergeant Schultz."

Here is a link to UCS's new report, "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Safety Culture: Do as I Say and Not as I Do."

David Lochbaum, Director of the Nuclear Safety Project at Union of Concerned Scientists, spoke in Southwest Michigan near Entergy's Palisades atomic reactor in April 2013. Beyond Nuclear hosted the events in Kalamazoo (35 miles downwind to the east) and South Haven (a few miles from Palisades). The security guard whistle-blowing that Lochbaum mentions in his BAS article linked above was just about to go to volume 11 at Palisades.

Beyond Nuclear -- along with our allies among environmental groups and concerned local residents -- has experienced this collapse in NRC's OWN safety culture, at Palisades and Davis-Besse (OH), first hand. It is telling that Lochbaum chose to cite those two reactors as national, negative examples in his article.

David Kraft of Nuclear Energy Information Service in Chicago has made the point, at NRC public meetings held about Palisades over the past several years, that NRC's OWN safety culture leaves a lot to be desired, never mind Entergy's at Palisades.

Palisades, MI and Davis-Besse, OH are located on the Great Lakes shore. The Great Lakes is 21% of the world's surface fresh water, and 84% of North America's. The Great Lakes provides drinking water for 40 million people in two countries. Palisades is located on the Lake Michigan shore, opposite Chicago, which gets its drinking water from that source.