AGREE & NIRS on FitzPatrick revelations: "Four+ year leak of highly radioactive waste – Worker radiation exposures -- Failure to shut down after safety system failure"
August 16, 2016

NRC file photo of the FitzPatrick atomic reactor, a GE BWR Mark I, located on the Lake Ontario shore in upstate NY.In a press release, Nuclear Information and Resource Serive (NIRS) and Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE) have responded to revelations in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) most recent Integrated Inspection Report at Entergy's (soon to be Exelon's) age-degraded, Fukushima twin design (General Electric Mark I boiling water reactor), the FitzPatrick atomic reactor on the shore of Lake Ontario in upstate New York.

“These violations highlight the ongoing dangers posed by the upstate nuclear reactors and the lax enforcement by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission,” said Tim Judson, Executive Director of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service. (emphasis added)

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Sputnik News has reported on this story. So has, which quotes UCS's Dave Lochbaum reporting that an even worse radioactivity leak happened at FitzPatrick's neighbor nuke -- Nine Mile Point -- on the Lake Ontario shore in the 1980s.

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