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Concerned citizens blast NRC: "No Fukushima on the Hudson!"

Residents of the area surrounding Indian Point nuclear plant call for the plant to be shut down (NYC Indymedia)Chris Williams at has written an inspiring account of 600 concerned citizens taking over an NRC "annual performance review" of the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Williams describes an angry -- yet calm -- determination from growing numbers of concerned citizens to block Indian Point's 20 year license extension, despite NRC's rubber stamp tendencies to the contrary. Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps sensed a similar angry, yet calm, determination in Vermont in mid March -- just one to two weeks following the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, despite NRC's rubberstamp of Vermont Yankee's 20 year license extension. Growing numbers realize we need to shut 'em down before they melt down, as Gil Scott-Heron's anti-nuke anthem put it. A follow up rally is being organized for June 11th in New York City, in solidarity with similar actions in Japan to mark the third month of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.