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Local judge denies lawsuit to block Sendai nuke restart as Japanese vow continued resistance to potential atomic volcano

The district court judge for Kagoshima Prefecture has denied a citizen-led legal challenge to block the restart of the Sendai nuclear power plant in southwestern Japan. The citizen groups say they will appeal the court ruling. The local residents remain concerned by experts' warning of another nuclear catastrophe triggered by any one of several large volcanoes active in the region.  The citizen lawsuit was prompted by the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority approval of the Sendia restart in September 2014

The Kagoshima judge’s ruling sharply contrasts with two earlier court decisions in Fukui Prefecture that have successfully blocked the restart of four units at the Takahama and Ohi nuclear power stations.

Japanese volcanologists are warning that the enormous March 11, 2011 earthquake has intensified volcanic activity throughout Japan. In fact, Mount Ioyama, located 64 km away from Sendai had a series of tremors in 2014 that prompted its reclassification from dormant to the second highest threat level according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency’s volcano bureau. Another frequently active and large volcano, Mount Sakurajima, is located even closer to the Sendai nuke at 40 km. Were these two nearby volcanoes not enough of a concern, Sendai is situated amidst five giant calderas, expansive crater-like depressions that are evidence to past massive eruptions.

The local citizen movement has vowed to continue opposition to the restart and operation of the Sendai nuclear power plant.