Canadian Highly Radioactive Liquid Waste truck shipments to South Carolina (potentially through numerous states) formally delayed -- SRS Watch & Canadian news of Oct. 3
October 5, 2016
Published on Oct 4, 2016

Liquid Nuclear Waste Convoys: A Threat of the Waters of the Great Lakes – Media Conference, Queen's Park, Toronto, Oct 3 2016. Complete press package at Dr. Gordon Edwards, President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility; Janet McNeill, Durham Nuclear Awareness; Christine Elwell, Sierra Club of Canada Foundation; introduced by Angela Bischoff, Ontario Clean Air Alliance. Watch the 24 minute 30 second-long video recording on YouTube!

In addition to a postponement, from September till February, in the proposed, high-risk truck shipment campaign, a coalition of environmental groups has also written to U.S. President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, demanding an Environmental Impact Statement be carried out. The coalition also wrote to the binational Great Lakes Executive Committee, demanding required notification under the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.


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