50,000 protesters in Germany against radioactive waste transport
November 9, 2010

Inspiring stories continue to flood in from Germany where 50,000 protesters turned out on Saturday in opposition to the highly radioactive waste transport that arrived from France's La Hague reprocessing facility. Germany has already been the scene of 100,000 in the streets of Berlin to oppose reactor license extension along with the 75-mile-long human chain last April.  Although 20,000 police were deployed during the waste transport protest, National Public Radio reports that the police were largely sympathetic to the protesters' point of view. Said the NPR report: "Police trade unions complained in unusually hard terms that they have been "scapegoated" by politicians, who "made a fatal mistake" when they extended nuclear plants life spans, and that citizens are right to protest." (Photo: Copyright Martin Leers).

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And a vide report from the Associated Press.

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