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The entire nuclear fuel chain involves the release of radioactivity, contamination of the environment and damage to human health. Most often, communities of color, indigenous peoples or those of low-income are targeted to bear the brunt of these impacts, particularly the damaging health and environmental effects of uranium mining. The nuclear power industry inevitably violates human rights.



Greenpeace: Dakota Access Pipeline halted! [Thank the Water Protectors!]

Good news from Standing Rock! After months of Indigenous Water Protectors and allies putting their bodies on the line — and being met with militarized police armed with rubber bullets and water cannons in freezing weather — the Dakota Access Pipeline has been HALTED!

Send a thank you note to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock for all their hard work in keeping this pipeline at bay, and pledge to stand with them as this fight continues.

This weekend, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that they will not be granting an easement for the pipeline to be drilled under the Missouri River. This is not the end of this fight — but it’s an important victory for the Water Protectors who have put everything on the line to stop this project.

"This is not just an amazing victory for Standing Rock and the Oceti Sakowin — but also for the many other Tribal Nations, grassroots Indigenous communities and millions of Americans around the country who have stood in solidarity with us here in person, at rallies around the country, and through phone calls and letters. This is a victory for organizing, and it doesn't stop now." -Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network

Over 75,000 of you have written and called the White House, sent supplies, and done so much more to aid the Water Protectors and stop this pipeline.

Your support helped keep water protectors going through long months and violent, inhumane treatment at the hands of militarized police in order to win this victory. Now we need to let them know that we will stand by them in the next stage of this fight, whatever happens next.

Thank the Water Protectors for their brave stand, and promise that you’ll continue to be by their side as they work to protect their water and tribal lands from destruction.

Water is Life,

Lili Molina,
Community Partnerships Manager, Greenpeace USA

P.S. The Dakota Access Pipeline has been halted! This is a huge win but doesn't ensure the pipeline won't be built in the future. If you're ready to keep fighting you can demand Citibank cut funding to the pipeline by posting on their Facebook page or sending them a tweet.


Food & Water Action Fund: #NoDAPL fight continues

Update and action alert from Eleanor Bravo, Senior National Pipeline Campaigner, Food & Water Action Fund:

Some good news — yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers put a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline by denying a key permit for the pipeline to cross the Missouri River next to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network said:

“Today, the Obama Administration has told us they are not granting the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is not just an amazing victory for Standing Rock and the Oceti Sakowin — but also for the many other Tribal Nations, grassroots Indigenous communities and millions of Americans around the country who have stood in solidarity with us here in person, at rallies around the country, and through phone calls and letters. This is a victory for organizing, and it doesn't stop now. We are asking our supporters to keep up the pressure, because while President Obama has granted us a victory today, that victory isn't guaranteed in the next administration. More threats are likely in the year to come, and we cannot stop until this pipeline is completely and utterly defeated, and our water and climate are safe.”¹

Ask President Obama to PERMANENTLY stop the Dakota Access Pipeline to protect the Standing Rock Sioux's drinking water and sovereign rights.

The fight is not over. The corporations behind the pipeline — Energy Transfer Partners and Sonoco Logistics — want to move full steam ahead with the project to carry Bakken crude oil across native lands in North Dakota and down through farmlands and across waterways in South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.

And while the Obama administration is beginning to show the Standing Rock Sioux the dignity and respect they deserve, we know President-elect Trump will not do the same. Not only has Trump expressed his support for finishing the pipeline, but he is personally invested in Energy Transfer Partners — one of the multinational corporations building the pipeline.²

President Obama must come up with a permanent solution to stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline before Donald Trump takes office.

We can't allow a private oil and gas corporation to build a dirty and dangerous pipeline through sacred indigenous lands, put key waterways at risk and keep us addicted to climate-changing fossil fuels.

In the past months, following the lead of our indigenous allies on the ground, Food & Water Watch staff, volunteers and supporters have organized and supported solidarity actions across the country. We did the research on the financial backers of the pipeline to expose the ties of big banks,³ we’ve held fundraisers to support the camps, and our staff have traveled to Standing Rock to bring supplies and show support — in fact, we have staff are on the ground right now. Members and supporters like you have generated more than 70,000 letters and made more than 5,600 phone calls to get President Obama to finally take action. I can't thank you enough for all you've done.

While this decision from the Obama administration and the Army Corps of Engineers is an important moment, we must all continue to stand against the injustices against Native peoples and their allies.

In North Dakota, the water protectors are preparing to keep all five camps running throughout the harsh winter. I hope that supporters like you will continue to support those on the frontline. 

Here's what else you can do to help:

  1. December is a Global Month of #NoDAPL action: Check out the map to find an event near you.
  2. Donate to support the Water Protectors in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. 
  3. Other. Check out the #NoDAPL Solidarity website for more information and ways to support the indigenous-led movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

I'm so proud to stand with you and others across the country to support Native communities. Thank you for everything you've done to stop pipelines that threaten our communities, our drinking water and our precious climate.

In solidarity,

Eleanor Bravo

Eleanor Bravo
Senior National Pipeline Campaigner
Food & Water Action Fund

1. DAPL Easement Denied, but the Fight's Not Over, Sacred Stone Camp, December 5, 2016.
2. Trump supports completion of Dakota Access Pipeline, Reuters, December 5, 2016.
3. Who's Banking on the Dakota Access Pipeline? Food & Water Watch, September 6, 2016.


Today's Midwest Energy News headlines/links re: DAPL resistance

• The Dakota Access developer is “fully committed” to completing the project without rerouting it. (Forum News Service)
• President-elect Donald Trump has not said what he’ll do about the Dakota Access pipeline as he faces pressure from industry groups to overturn the Obama administration’s decision. (Associated Press)
• An attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council says: “Legally, this is an action that can be overturned easily.” (Mother Jones)
• The leader of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has asked protesters to return home and seeks to meet with Trump about the future of the pipeline. (Reuters)
• Work on the Dakota Access pipeline is nearly complete in Iowa. (Cedar Rapids Gazette)
• Enbridge is confident that its plan to replace and increase the capacity of a pipeline through northern Minnesota will move forward. (Forum News Service)


Victory! Thanks for Standing With Standing Rock

Message from Dave Archambault, II, Chairman, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe:


Yesterday we were notified that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will not grant the easement to cross Lake Oahe for the Dakota Access pipeline. Instead, they will prepare an Environmental Impact Statement regarding alternative routes for the pipeline. This action strongly vindicates what the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has been saying all along – that we all have a responsibility to protect our waters for future generations.

This is an historic moment. For centuries, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and tribes across the country, have faced fundamental injustice at the hands of the federal government - which time and again took our lands and tried to destroy our way of life. Our Treaties and our human rights were ignored, our interests in protecting lands and waters were considered unimportant, and our voices were not heard.
It was this shared history that led Tribes to come together as never before to seek the protection of our waters against the threat of the Dakota Access pipeline. With peace and prayer, indigenous people from hundreds of Tribes said: our future is too important. We can no longer be ignored. The goal was to protect these sacred waters, and to do so in the name of our children.
And, with yesterday’s decision, it is clear that our voices have at long last been heard.
Yesterday’s decision demonstrates that, despite all the challenges that Tribes face and all of the terrible wrongs the federal government has committed in dealing with us over the years, justice for Indian people still remains possible. My thanks to the Obama Administration, and particularly to Assistant Secretary Darcy, for upholding the law and doing the right thing.
Yesterday’s decision belongs in large measure to the thousands of courageous people who put their lives on hold to stand with Standing Rock in support of a basic principle -- that water is life. At Standing Rock, our youth played an important role in spreading our message and I am so proud of what they have been able to accomplish.
But Standing Rock could not have come this far alone. Hundreds of tribes came together in a display of tribal unity not seen in hundreds of years. And many thousands of indigenous people from around the world have prayed with us and made us stronger. I am grateful to each of you. And, as we turn a page with yesterday’s decision, I look forward to working with many of you as you return to your home communities to protect your lands and waters, and the sovereignty of your tribes.
My thanks to all of our allies, here and around the world, each of whom contributed to this effort. I want to give a special mention to the veterans who have come to Standing Rock in recent days. I am sure that the strength of your message in support of Standing Rock, and the rights of the Water Protectors, had a powerful impact as the Army made its decision. I appreciate all you have done.
While today is a great day, there is still much that needs to be done to protect Tribal rights and ensure justice for indigenous people everywhere. Using peace and prayer as our guideposts, and with the teachings of our elders and with inspiration from our youth, I believe there is much we can accomplish for the future.

Dave Archambault, II, Chairman
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe


Call the White House: Stand with Standing Rock

Action alert from

Dear MoveOn member,

It's urgent that President Obama hear today from MoveOn members who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This week, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple issued an executive order calling for mandatory evacuation of all water protectors peacefully gathered in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline located on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land—the Oceti Sakowin Camp.1 The governor's executive order is a blatant attempt to frighten and intimidate those who are standing strong to protect a sacred burial site and stop a corporation from polluting our land and water.

President Obama has the power to stop the pipeline and deny the Army Corps of Engineers' easement on our land. He must take action immediately. Will you call President Obama now?

Here's where to call: 1-855-411-0302

You can say this:

I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and water protectors defending their land and water and Mother Earth against the Dakota Access Pipeline. President Obama must take action now to ensure the safety of the water protectors and reject this pipeline.

Temperatures continue to drop in North Dakota, and law enforcement agencies have become even more brutal and abusive. But despite threats of eviction and the violence from law enforcement, Standing Rock water protectors are continuing to peacefully gather in prayer and with steadfast opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Since April, thousands of water protectors have gathered in peaceful prayer to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. More than 12,000 people are now camping near sites where drilling could begin any moment.2

Law enforcement agencies have used dogs as weapons, kept protectors in dog kennels as temporary jails, shot people with rubber bullets, fired water cannons in subfreezing temperatures, and used flash grenades against protectors in prayer.3,4 This action by Gov. Dalrymple will only escalate violence against those gathered to defend the water.

President Obama must hear from all, Native and non-Native allies, while he still has the power to reject the Dakota Access Pipeline and before further militarized policing occurs. It will be too late when Donald Trump takes office, as he's personally invested in the pipeline.5

Hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members have already signed petitions, spoken out on social media, and called authorities in North Dakota. It's crucial to continue to support the water protectors in these critical days before the December 5 evacuation date that has been set by the Corps of Engineers.

Here's where to call: 1-855-411-0302

You can say this:

I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and water protectors defending their land, water, and Mother Earth against the Dakota Access Pipeline. President Obama must take action now to ensure the safety of the water protectors and reject this pipeline.

Thanks for all you do.

—Judith LeBlanc, member of the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma, Native Organizers Alliance


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