New York Times reports DOE to issue first nuclear reactor loan guarantee "in the next few days"

While American taxpayers were distracted by the holidays, Congress and the Bush administration approved $18.5 billion in new reactor federal loan guarantees, and another $2.0 billion in uranium enrichment facility loan guarantees, on Christmas Eve, 2007. Now that the American people are again distracted by the holidays, the Obama administration's Dept. of Energy (DOE) appears poised to begin delivering the goods, at U.S. taxpayer risk and expense. A Christmas Eve New York Times article, "Loan Program May Stir Nuclear Industry," reports that DOE may begin dispersing the first new reactor federal loan guarantees in "the next few days." This, despite widespread design flaws endemic to proposed new reactors on DOE's loan guarantee short list. This includes the design for the Westinghouse-Toshiba Advanced Passive (AP) 1000, proposed to be built at Vogtle nuclear power plant in Georgia, widely rumored to be at the top of DOE's list for receiving a loan guarantee. In recent months, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission publicly announced that the AP1000 design is vulnerable to severe weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes, and other natural disasters such as earthquakes, damaging the reactor core due to a faulty "shield building."


Harvey Wasserman celebrates "A quiet but HUGE no nukes triumph"

Harvey Wasserman's latest essay lists recent setbacks plaguing the nuclear "renaissance," and urges continued grassroots vigilance against taxpayer-backed loan guarantees for new atomic reactors. See numerous additional Wasserman anti-nuke blogs down the righthand side of his homepage, and visit the website Harvey edits.


Helen Caldicott in TruthOut and on video from Copenhagen

Helen Caldicott spoke to reporter, Al Levine, about her Copenhagen experiences. The article includes a video clip of her speech at one of the protest rallies in the Danish capital. Dr. Caldicott, a longtime anti-nuclear campaigner and pediatrician, is the founding president of Nuclear Policy Research Institute, now operating as Beyond Nuclear.


Powering a Green Planet: Sustainable Energy, Made Interactive

Scientific American has posted a rich-media presentation (note the cityscape shown is Chicago on the Lake Michigan shore -- unfortunately currently 80% nuclear electrified!) of its feature article "A Path to a Sustainable Energy by 2030" (Nov. 2009). Many of these same arguments and insights were first made by Dr. Arjun Makhijani in his 2007 book Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy.


Ejections continue in Copenhagen - FOE the latest to go

The ejections of environmental activists in Copenhagen - this time from the talks rather than the country - continue. This time it was Friends of the Earth and other environmental groups that were barred from the conference without a reason being provided, according to a report in The Guardian. Activists described the measures as Draconian and exclusionary, muzzling the voices that represent the poor and underprivileged around the world.