Chris Williams (VCAN, VYDA, NIRS) to speak in Chicago July 17th

From left to right, Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps, VYDA's Chris Williams, and VYDA's Jeanette Baer "frog marched" into a waiting "Paddy wagon" by Windham County Sheriff's deputies for the ride to Brattleboro City Jail, March 22, 2012.The following announcement comes from Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS) Director, David Kraft. If you are near Chicago and can attend, please do, and bring folks with you! If not, but you know folks near Chicago, please send word to them!

"Greetings All --

NEIS would like to invite you and your organization/group to a special evening with activist/safe-energy advocated CHRIS WILLIAMS on Thursday, July 17th, 6:30 p.m. at Multi-Kulti Center in Chicago (see flier here and NEIS website -- -- for details). No charge, free-will offerings accepted. 

Chris has done community organizing on energy and consumer advocacy issues for decades. He's the 18-year former director of Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana; and recently with his involvement with the Citizens Action Network of New England [Vermont Citizens Action Network, VCAN] and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service [NIRS, where he serves as Board Chair] in D.C. [as well as his involvement with Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance, VYDA], has played an instrumental role in helping shut the old and unsafe Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor in Vermont. His tool box comes fully equipped -- everything from community organizing to civil disobedience to NVDA [non-violent direct action]. 

He comes to us in Illinois -- the most nuclear-reliant state in the U.S. -- with a simple yet important message: You CAN and MUST shut nuclear reactors! This comes at an especially critical time, as Exelon Corporation launches its national campaign to gut renewable energy and subsidize old, unprofitable reactors.

Please make plans to attend this event, and inform people you know about it through your group's e-mail blasts, list serves, and by reproducing and distributing the flier [linked above]. Please RSVP if you can come. Thanks in advance! We hope to see you in Chicago on the 17th!

--Dave Kraft--"

If you plan on attending, please RSVP to Dave/NEIS at: (773) 342-7650, or
Beyond Nuclear is proud to partner with Chris and Dave on this event. It's not the first time. As but two examples: the mass non-violent civil disobedience action against Entergy Nuclear's Vermont Yankee (see photo, above left), and the Beyond Nuclear/NEIS "Mountain of Radioactive Waste 70 Years High."

"A Scary Super Typhoon Is Bearing Down on Japan…and Its Nuclear Plants"

U.S. Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center map showing projected path of Super Typhoon NeoguriAs reported by Mother Jones, a "once in decades storm" packing winds stronger than 150 miles per hour, Super Typhoon Neoguri, is taking direct aim at some of Japan's nuclear power plants. The good news is, the reactors have long been shut down. However, irradiated nuclear fuel in need of cooling remains stored on-site. Will "Fukushima lessons learned," and supposed safety regulation upgrades in Japan, be enough to weather yet another monster storm?


Fired security guard whistleblowers speak out against Palisades at NRC meeting

As reported by the Kalamazoo Gazette and Michigan Radio, three security guard force whistleblowers spoke out an a Nuclear Regulatory Commission public meeting last night, alleging that they were terminated from Entergy's Palisades atomic reactor because they raised safety and security concerns.

The attorney representing two of the three whistle blowers, Billie Pirner Garde of Washington, D.C., phoned into the meeting as well.

Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps, as well as members of Michigan Safe Energy Future, and other concerned local residents, also spoke out at the meeting.

Kevin discussed a long list of security failures at Palisades, including a scandal involving the chief of security exposed by Esquire magazine in 2007, as well as incidents in 2002: a security guard suffering a nervous breakdown on the job, while armed, after having been forced to work 72 hours per week for a solid year; and three suspicious cars penetrating deep into Palisades, but driving off without ever being stopped, because Palisades security guard force phoned the wrong local law enforcement agency, resulting in a 45 minute delay in response.

Remarkably, nearly 12 years after POGO first warned about security weaknesses at Entergy's Indian Point nuclear power plant near New York City, Entergy's security failures continue today, as at Palisades.

At a recent meeting with NRC Chairman Allison Macfarlane, Kevin objected to NRC Region 3 Office of Public Affairs spokesman Viktoria Mytling expressing agency support for a state bill in Michigan granting immunity to nuclear power plant security guards for lethal shootings. The sponsor of the bill has been quoted warning environmentalists that they should think twice before protesting at nuclear plants.

The coalition also expressed concern to Chairman Macfarlane about the recipe for disaster of Palisades problem-plagued security guard force now being granted immunity for fatal shootings, with a state park immediately to the north, and a resort community immediately to the south. In addition, the State of Michigan has established a waterway trail on Lake Michigan, encouraging kayakers to travel past Palisades. Although there are buoys in the Lake demarcating Palisades' property, there is no signage warning boaters that they are entering a zone where use of lethal force is authorized.

WOOD TV and WSBT TV also reported on last night's NRC meeting.


"Great Lakes Communities Struggle Against Proposed Nuclear Waste Facility"

In an article entitled "Great Lakes Communities Struggle Against Proposed Nuclear Waste Facility," reporter Katie Rucke of MintPress News provides an update on the 13-year-long resistance to what Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps has described as a "declaration of war against the Great Lakes."

The Canadian federal Joint Review Panel, evaluating dump proponent Ontario Power Generation's environmental assessment, will hold another round of public hearings beginning on Sept. 9th in Kincardine, Ontario -- targeted for the proposed Deep Geologic Repository at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, which already "hosts" nine reactors, as well as a radioactive waste incinerator and "interim" storage site.


Michigan's U.S. Senators urge Secretary of State Kerry to take action against proposed Great Lakes shore radioactive waste dump

As reported by the Macomb Daily Tribune, U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin (both Democrats from Michigan) have again written U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, urging that the Canada-U.S. International Joint Commission be activated, to study the risks of Ontario Power Generation's proposed "Deep Geologic Repository" (DGR) on the Lake Huron shore. Sens. Stabenow and Levin posted the full text of the letter on June 18th.

The DGR, dubbed the DUD by critics (for Deep Underground Dump), would be located at OPG's Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Kincardine, Ontario, just 50 miles across Lake Huron from the Tip of Michigan's Thumb. OPG proposes to permanently bury all of the so-called "low" and "intermediate" level radioactive wastes (L&ILRWs) from 20 commercial atomic reactors across the province there, less than a mile from the Lake Huron shore.

In addition, a number of Bruce area municipalities -- mostly populated by Bruce Nuclear workers, and receiving tax revenues from the nuclear utility -- have volunteered to host Canada's national high-level radioactive waste (HLRW) dump. This has raised fears that the DGR1 (for L&ILRWs) could easily turn into DGR2 (for HLRWs as well).

The article also reports on a recent study by Environment Michigan, about large amounts of toxic chemicals being intentionally dumped into the Great Lakes as well. The study raises the specter of synergistic effects between radioactive and toxic chemical hazards -- the whole of the risks greater than the sum of its parts -- as warned about by Rachel Carson in Silent Spring over 50 years ago.