Extraordinary music video: Japanese youth speak truth to power in aftermath of Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe


"Fermi 3 foes urge health analysis"

NRC file photo of Fermi 2, located on the Lake Erie shoreline near Monroe, MI, just over 10 miles north of Ohio, and 8 miles as the crow flies from OntarioThe Detroit News has reported, in an article entitled "Fermi 3 foes urge health analysis," that indications of health damage from the operations of Fermi 2 be further studied before any plans for a new reactor at Fermi 3 move forward. The article reports on the questions raised in a recent report by Joe Mangano, Executive Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project, such as why Monroe County suffers from inexplicably high rates of infant motality, low birth weights, cancer mortality, and non-fatal cancer incidence.

Mangano serves as an expert witness for the international environmental coalition officially intervening against the Fermi 3 proposal. The coalition's member groups are Beyond Nuclear, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination, Citizen Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario, and the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter.

The article quoted from Mangano's submission: "Of 19 indicators, the Monroe County rate change (before and after Fermi 2 began operating) exceeded the state or nation for all 19...".

The article also quoted from Don't Waste Michigan's Michael Keegan: "It's important to establish what the situation is...If you're talking about putting another reactor into play, you need to know where you are with baseline cancer statistics."


Japanese authorities recognize 573 deaths related to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe

As reported by the Yomiuri Shimbun:

"A total of 573 deaths have been certified as "disaster-related" by 13 municipalities affected by the crisis at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, according to a Yomiuri Shimbun survey.

This number could rise because certification for 29 people remains pending while further checks are conducted.

The 13 municipalities are three cities--Minami-Soma, Tamura and Iwaki--eight towns and villages in Futaba County--Namie, Futaba, Okuma, Tomioka, Naraha, Hirono, Katsurao and Kawauchi--and Kawamata and Iitate, all in Fukushima Prefecture.

These municipalities are in the no-entry, emergency evacuation preparation or expanded evacuation zones around the nuclear plant, which suffered meltdowns soon after the March 11 disaster.

A disaster-related death certificate is issued when a death is not directly caused by a tragedy, but by fatigue or the aggravation of a chronic disease due to the disaster. If a municipality certifies the cause of death is directly associated to a disaster, a condolence grant is paid to the victim's family. If the person was a breadwinner, 5 million yen is paid..."


Beyond Nuclear on the Thom Hartmann Show: tritium leaks

Thom Hartmann had Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps on his television show yesterday to discuss radioactive steam   releases at San Onofre nuclear power plant in California due to defective, brand new steam generators -- a problem that has surfaced at Three Mile Island and Arkansas Nuclear One as well, due to brand new, yet defective, steam generators fabricated by Areva of France. Tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen that emits beta radiation particles, is a clinically proven cause of cancer, birth defects, and genetic damage, which can integrate into the human biological system right down to the most intimate levels -- including the DNA molecule.


Surfing for Change video on the proposed nuclear plant in South Africa

This is an excellent short film made by surfer and activist, Kyle Thiermann. Watch and share and check out the website for Surfing for Change.