"Fukushima radiation alarms doctors"

Dahr Jamail reports at Al Jazeera that medical doctors far removed from Fukushima Daiichi's radioactivity spewing triple meltdown "have begun to see increased nosebleeds, stubborn cases of diarrhoea, and flu-like symptoms in children." Children are significantly more susceptible to radioactivity's hazards than adults. Helen Caldicott, Beyond Nuclear's founding president, is quoted extensively in the article.


Could the Fukushima disaster be getting worse? Hartmann


"Into Eternity" near top of list of best "Nuclear Cinema"

Scene from film showing filmmaker Michael Madsen peering "into eternity."Scott Thill has posted a film review at Alternet entitled "Top 10 Great Works of Nuclear Cinema." He ranks the documentary about radioactive waste "Into Eternity" at #2, just beneath the classic "Dr. Strangelove." Beyond Nuclear is helping organize showings of "Into Eternity" across the country. If you are interested in helping bring a screening to your community, go to the Beyond Nuclear screening page on the Specialty Studios website and click "host a screening" to get more information and sign up! If you are interested in finding a screening near you please click "find a screening".

When screening the film, we encourage you to collaborate with Beyond Nuclear by emailing us at for materials, a sign-in sheet and, if feasible, a speaker. We can also help with suggested discussion topics and action items following the film.  We’d like to hear from you after the screening, too, so that we can build momentum and numbers in opposing the continued production of more yet more radioactive waste!

As Thill wrote at Alternet, "the public needs to watch these 10 movies to full comprehend the threat of nuclear power." And "Into Eternity" is at the top of the list! 


Evidence mounts that Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 was doomed by earthquake damage to melt down even before tsunami hit

The Independent of the U.K., in an article entitled "The Explosive Truth Behind Fukushima's Meltdown," has reported mounting evidence indicating that earthquake damage in Daiichi Unit 1 was so severe that it was doomed to melt down even before the massive inundation from the tsunami knocked out emergency diesel generators, cutting off electricity to run vital cooling water pumps. The article reports: 

"This means that assurances from the industry in Japan and overseas that the reactors were robust is now blown apart," said Shaun Burnie, an independent nuclear waste consultant who works with Greenpeace. "It raises fundamental questions on all reactors in high seismic risk areas."

As Mr Burnie points out, Tepco also admitted massive fuel melt 16 hours after loss of coolant, and seven or eight hours before the explosion in Unit One. "Since they must have known all this, their decision to flood with massive water volumes would guarantee massive additional contamination – including leaks to the ocean."


Has the radioactive core at Fukushima left the building?

RT is reporting that workers at the Fukushima plants have seen radioactive steam emerging from cracked ground around the buildings. Such observations suggest that the core has melted through the floor of the building into the ground - a "China Syndrome." Dr. Robert Jacobs, Hiroshima Peace Institute calls for the reactors to be closed down.