Boehner hypocrisy on loan guarantees


"Humpty Dumpty, King Kong spotted at Davis-Besse protest"

King Kong applied nuclear-grade duct tape to a very cracked Humpty Dumpty at an "I Have a Scream!" Halloween protest held in Toledo in solidarity with Beyond Nuclear's rally at the Department of Energy's headquarters in Washington D.C. The Toledo street theater called attention to cracks in the Davis-Besse atomic reactor's shield building first revealed on October 1st. Just today, further cracking was admitted by FirstEnergy, as reported by Bloomberg. Beyond Nuclear, along with Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario, Don't Waste Michigan, and the Ohio Green Party, have intervened against the 20 year license extension sought by FirstEnergy at Davis-Besse, despite the reactor's many close calls with disaster over the past 34 years. Toledo attorney Terry Lodge represents the environmental coalition pro bono.


Beyond Nuclear submits comments to BRC

Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear's Radioactive Waste Watchdog, submitted comments to the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future before its midnight deadline on Halloween. The BRC will now go behind closed doors to finalize its July 2011 draft report. By January 29, 2012 at the latest, it will publish its final report. The Obama administration and U.S. Congress will then likely use BRC's final report to write legislation for managing radioactive wastes.


If you feel like screaming...


Does the continued promotion of nuclear power by the Obama administration – even after Fukushima – make you want to scream? If so, you are not alone. Join like-minded activists at the Beyond Nuclear I Have A Scream rally on Hallowe’en at 12 noon, Monday, October 31 outside DOE headquarters (see flyer for details).

On October 31, an aptly chosen date, the US Energy Department’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future will finally close its supposedly open doors to any further public comment on its mandate to “solve” this country’s radioactive waste problem. Using millions of our taxpayer dollars, and after junkets to France and Finland, the commission has come up with nothing new at all! To wit: it recommends that a new search should be made for a geologic repository; reactor waste should be transported to centralized interim storage sites; and that research, development, and demonstration dollars from taxpayers should continue to be wasted on reprocessing.

Wear a costume, bring a sign and let your voices - and screams - be heard!


Beyond Nuclear testifies at final BRC meeting in DC

Today, Beyond Nuclear's Radioactive Waste Watchdog testified at the final Washington, D.C. meeting of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future. In the morning, he was invited to testify by BRC on a panel about the risks of transporting high-level radioactive waste and irradiated nuclear fuel. In the afternoon session, Kevin gave public comments, calling for a halt to the generation of any more high-level radioactive waste by phasing out nuclear power and replacing it with renewables such as wind and solar power, and maximized energy efficiency.

October 31st is the final day for making public comments to the BRC. Please urge BRC to secure risky radioactive wastes once again before their deadline, even if you've already done so previously! And, if you can make it, please join Beyond Nuclear for a Halloween "I Have a Scream!" costume rally at the U.S. Department of Energy's headquarters in Washington, D.C. to protest BRC's many bad policy recommendations about radioactive waste management.