NRC Commissioners vote 4 to 1 to approve new reactors at Vogtle

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen at Fairewinds Associates has warned the AP1000 has a major safety flawBy a 4 to 1 vote, the Commissioners of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) today approved the combined Construction and Operating License Application (COLA) of Southern Nuclear Company, paving the way for two 1,100 megawatt-electric Toshiba-Westinghouse "Advanced Passive" AP1000s to be built at the Vogtle nuclear power plant near Augusta, Georgia. NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko cast the sole "no" vote, while Commissioners Kristine Svinicki, George Apostolakis, William Magwood IV, and William Ostendorff voted in favor. Chairman Jaczko had previously cast the sole dissenting votes against such controversial proposals as: the 20 year license extension at the Oyster Creek, NJ GE BWR Mark I, the oldest operating reactor in the U.S. and identical in design to Fukushima Daiichi Units 1 to 4; and the Private Fuel Storage, LLC high-level radioactive waste "parking lot dump" targeted at the tiny Skull Valley Goshutes Indian Reservation in Utah. Recently, Beyond Nuclear's Linda Gunter pointed out that Chairman Jaczko, although not perfect, shows concern for safety that sets him apart from the other four NRC Commissioners.

Beyond Nuclear responded to the Vogtle Units 3 and 4 NRC approval with a media statement, pointing out that a NRC license does not ensure project success. Read more, including updates, at our "New Reactors" section...


Kucinich: "Why won't FirstEnergy tell the truth about Davis-Besse?"

U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) asks "Why won't FirstEnergy tell the truth about Davis-Besse?" regarding the extensive cracking, of unknown origin and extent, in its 225 foot tall, 2.5 foot thick concrete shield building, an integral component of its overall radiological containment structure. On Nov. 21, 2011, Rep. Kucinich called for a public meeting on the cracking problem, which NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko supported. The NRC public meeting took place at Camp Perry, Ohio on January 5, 2012, at which Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps testified. On Jan. 10th, Beyond Nuclear and environmental allies submitted a contention on the cracking to the NRC Atomic Safety (sic) and Licensing Board panel presiding over FirstEnergy's application for a 20 year license extension at Davis-Besse, urging that the proposal be blocked. (The 60 page cracking contention can be viewed here.) FirstEnergy has urged the ASLB to reject the contention. NRC staff, for its part, also urges the ASLB to reject most of the contention, although, remarkably, given its long track record of strenuously opposing environmental interveners at every twist and turn of ASLB proceedings, does partially support the contention's admission for a hearing on the merits. Environmental interveners have until Monday to rebut the counter arguments to its Davis-Besse cracking contention.


Radioactivity and toxic chemicals spilled into soil and groundwater at Prairie Island

NRC file photo of Prairie Island nuclear power plantXcel Energy's Prairie Island nuclear power plant has made what appears to be two admissions of separate toxic chemical and radiological spills in less than a week. Residents, and the tribal day care center, of the Prairie Island Indian Community are located within hundreds of yards of the nuclear power plant. Read more...


Brand new replacement parts failing at atomic reactors


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