IAEA report says Iran could be working to get the Bomb

A new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency suggests that there is "credible" evidence that Iran's nuclear activities are designed to build a nuclear bomb but stops short of stating that Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear weapons state. The IAEA sourced intelligence from 10 countries. Although the report contains virtually nothing new and reinforces existing fears that Iran's nuclear activities do not have so-called "peaceful" intentions, the report also marks the first time all the data have been composited into one document. The report concludes: “The information indicates that Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear device." Read more.


Give to the Max Day is winding down....

But the gifts to Beyond Nuclear are not. And that's good! Please keep them coming.  We aren't top of the charts but we are doing quite nicely so please help us reach $5,000 before midnight! Here's where to go to make a donation.

Our Freeze our Fukushimas campaign is launching and we'd also like to bring more Japanese mothers, farmers and other activists back to the US to update us on efforts in Fukushima to prevent the spread of radioactive waste and to help the children, especially, safely evacuate out of harms way. And we need to support our Japanese friends in preventing a restart of Japan's reactors while we also work at home to shut down our own Fukushimas and stop new reactor construction and new uranium mines. Every dollar you send better helps us to achieve these goals. 

Thank you from the Beyond Nuclear team!



Just over 12 hours to go!!

It's almost Give to the Max Day! Starting at 12:01 am on Wednesday, November 19, we'll be trying to raise a record number of gifts, large and small. Please tell your friends and ask them to make a gift to Beyond Nuclear tomorrow. Every gift counts, no matter how small. See our page and support Freeze our Fukushimas in the US; the brave mothers of Japan fighting to safeguard Fukushima's children; and our year-long work to replace nuclear power with safe, clean, renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation!


Researcher Marco Kaltofen discusses airborne radioactive particles from Fukushima


Beyond Nuclear and NIRS at the Japanese Embassy

Representatives from Beyond Nuclear and NIRS delivered the Japan Concerned Mothers' petition to the Embassy of Japan in Washington DC in solidarity with them and the 6,000+ international signers asking for a halt to the incineration and mobilization of radioactive waste from Fukushima. In addition, a letter of concern was delivered signed by US citizens asking that Japan immediately halt the incineration of this radioactive waste to prevent further contamination of the United States from the Fukushima disaster. For more on the Japanese women's protest activities, see: