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Beyond Nuclear marches and stands for climate justice

Strike for Climate Action, San Francisco, CA. Photo: Mary Spadaro.In Washington, D.C., Beyond Nuclear staff took part in both the International Youth Climate Strike on Friday, September 20, 2019, as well as the Shut Down DC climate action on Monday, Sept. 23.
D.C.'s International Youth Climate Strike had around 20,000 participants, marching from Judiciary Square, and rallying for hours on the National Mall at the U.S. Capitol. There were 1,100 separate such strikes across the U.S., and 4,500 around the world, in 150 countries. Altogether, four million people took part globally, the single largest day of action to save the climate yet.
Anti-nuclear colleagues took part in Climate Strikes in their home towns, such as Nuclear Energy Information Service in Chicago, and Native Community Action Council in Las Vegas, Nevada, to name but two.
The Shut Down D.C. climate action in D.C. involved 2,000 activists willing to risk arrest, conducting 22 separate non-violent direct action blockades of major intersections across the city, resulting in around three dozen arrests. Another Shut Down climate action took place in San Francisco, involving spectacular street art. See image at right, and more aerial photos here.