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The importance of the creative arts to anti-nuclear activism


We ran an entry in our weekly email bulletin by that title a couple weeks ago. Here are some additional examples of the creative arts as a form of anti-nuclear activism: To the Village Square, a book by Lionel Delevingne; and the work of the Atomic Photographers Guild.

The importance of this medium has come into sharp focus currently with the powerful and widely acclaimed HBO drama series, Chernobyl.

There is of course a long history of the use of visual and lively arts in activism, and the anti-nuclear movement is no exception. Indeed, the International Uranium Film Festival has been able to garner countless films on the topic for its globe-trotting screenings and street theatre has been an integral part of anti-nuclear protest around the world. We believe this medium is an excellent one with which to communicate an otherwise sometimes dry and arcane subject matter. That is in part why Beyond Nuclear launched Beyond Nuclear International -- which showcases filmmakers, painters, photographers, multi-media and theatrical performances and others. You can find these stories mainly under the Events & Actions or People tabs on the Beyond Nuclear International website.