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100 years of fortitude: Iconic activist Frances Crowe reaches another milestone

As reported by the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Crowe is featured in Robbie Leppzer's documentary film, "Power Struggle." (She, and Leppzer, are shown on the film poster, left.) Crowe and her affinity group, "Shut It Down!", were a part of the broad grassroots coalition that successfully shut down Vermont Yankee (VY) on 12/29/14 at 12:44pm Eastern time.

When asked at a major rally on the first day of VY's 20-year license extension, in March 2012, how many times she'd been arrested at the Fukushima Daiichi twin design reactor, she answered "Not enough!" As the questioner was an AP reporter, her words were read nationwide.

Leppzer's film "Seabrook 1977" also documents that Crowe was a founder of the Clamshell Alliance in the mid-1970s.

Crowe's memoir, entitled Finding My Radical Soul, was published days after the VY shutdown, in early January, 2015. In it, she writes that the atomic bombing by the U.S. of Japanese cities was a watershed moment in her life. She then went on to devote her next 74 years, and counting, to anti-nuclear, anti-war, pro-environment, social justice, etc., activism.

Happy 100th birthday, Frances Crowe!