Trump wants space for war, others remind us of its beauty and our place in it
February 4, 2019

This week, two stories on Beyond Nuclear International juxtapose the transformative beauty of Earth from space and our home in the universe, with President Trump's latest move toward war in space. Bella Gaia, Kenji Williams' breathtaking creation, is an immersive, multi-media experience that uses NASA photography of Earth from and in space, as well as digital creations that represent our heavy footprint down on Earth -- including forest fires, air traffic, ocean pollution and the Fukushima radioactive plume. But Trump is pulling the US out of the INF treaty, has already withdrawn the US from the Iran nuclear deal, has demanded a "Space Force" and now, writes Karl Grossman, wants to ramp up Reagan's failed and futile "Star Wars" missile defense system.

Bella Gaia:

Darth Trump:

(Headline photo of ocean currents and temperature from Bella Gaia courtesy of Christopher Altman/Creative Commons.)

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