World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2019: "We must pay attention to carbon, cost, and time, not to carbon alone." 
October 10, 2019

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2019 (WNISR) is a 323-page annual compendium that focuses  an impressive amount of detail on the state of commercial nuclear power, nation by nation, around the global. It is a valuable and reliable resource for energy policymakers, journalists, activists and informed public alike. The 2019 status report features a section authored by Amory Lovins expertly analyzing the impacts of electricity production on the global climate crisis, the stakes, the nuclear industry's claims, and the consequences of embarking upon false solutions that divert civilization from planetary survival.  Lovins points out, "Nuclear power displaces other climate solutions." The real solutions, that include energy efficiency, solar and wind power, save more carbon per year and per dollar.

Our survival depends on it.

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