Help stop another nuclear restart in Japan
February 2, 2018

Green Action Japan has started a petition to stop the planned restart of the Ohi nuclear power plant. As the petition states:

"The Japanese national government wants everything "back to normal" by the 2020 Olympics: Fukushima accident evacuees back to the Fukushima region, nuclear power plants restarted--everything back to pre-Fukushima days."

The reality is very different, with the Fukushima site still leaking deadly radioactivity and a country riddled with earthquake faults and volcanoes but a government eager to restart its nuclear reactors.

The Ohi plant -- in Fukui Prefecture which has the highest concentration of nuclear power plants in the world -- is just 37 miles from the historic city of Kyoto. The Governor and Mayor of Kyoto have petitioned the national government for the right to say yes/no to restart, to have control over Kyoto's fate. Their plea has been answered with silence.

Please help Koyoto, Japan and the world, by signing the Green Action petition today. 


To learn more, watch this video.


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