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Japan editorial calls for nuclear phaseout

"First and foremost, a phase-out of nuclear power should define the foundation of the country’s new future perspective." That was the bold statement in an editorial in the August 14 Asahi Shimbun. Nuclear has become deeply unpopular in Japan since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant disaster (pictured.)

The editorial notes the global trend away from nuclear power and the need to conform to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. "A big wave of change is occurring on a global scale. For example, there are moves, mostly in advanced industrialized nations, for pulling the plug on nuclear power. There is also a trend for moving from coal-fired thermal power generation, given that the Paris Agreement has now taken effect for fighting global warming. Renewable energy options, such as wind and solar power, are spreading rapidly."

It further notes: "The forthcoming edition of Japan’s Strategic Energy Plan should no longer define atomic energy as a mainstay source of power. Minimizing dependency on nuclear power should be designated a priority issue instead of being left as a hollow promise." And the article concludes that: "Renewable energy sources have already replaced thermal energy and nuclear energy as the leading destinations of global investments into the electric power sector.

"Japan should quickly switch its energy policy instead of turning its back on the international trend."

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