In desperate times, nuclear industry gets desperate
August 15, 2017

There’s nothing like the scuttling of yet another nuclear pipe dream (this time it’s the two halted V.C. Summer reactors in South Carolina, pictured) to send the nuclear evangelists scurrying to find a last ditch way to stay relevant. SC Senator, Lindsey Graham, who asked with breathtaking naivety “What the hell happened?” when confronted with the failure of Summer, has vowed to revive the project alongside Governor Henry McMaster. Maybe he missed all the obvious warnings from anti-nuclear groups and the numerous financial red flags. Meanwhile, a Columbia, SC man has brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of ratepayers who have been screwed out of more than $1 billion “for a project that may never generate a single kilowatt of electricity.” As light water reactor plans crumble, small modular reactors (SMR) continue to rear their ugly little heads, although they have been nothing more than paper plans for decades. In the UK where new nuclear plans are mired in myriad problems, British government ministers summoned the last surviving nuclear corporations to the table to pitch an SMR plan. And some are even trying to capitalize on the North Korea nuclear weapons alarm to suggest that abandoning nuclear power threatens national security (see our comments after the article.)

Update on August 17, 2017 by Registered Commenteradmin

On August 15, SCANA, the parent company of SCE&G, released a statement withdrawing its petition to abandon the project. However, this is likely just a stay of the inevitable execution. And despite backing off the shutdown for now, the company stands by its "original decision to abandon construction, even though almost $9 billion has already been spent on the project." In fact, SCANA CEO Kevin Marsh, has described the move as very much a temporary suspension. More.

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