Nukes in Space — in Time of Trump
November 17, 2017

What kind of deadly disaster could the Trump administration wreak in space? Beyond Nuclear board member and journalist, Karl Grossman, sounds an ominous warning.

"With Trump as president and green lights given to industry after industry to do or continue to do deadly things, Trump and his band of scoundrels are pushing for the nuclear industry to bring its deadly product into the heavens."

A Vice News article had this frightening headline: “President Trump has a plan for space domination.”

And with the nuclear industry failing on Planet Earth, it is looking to nuclear-powered missions to put humans on Mars. An explosion on launch, landing or in space does not bear thinking about. 

As Grossman also reminds us, the Cassini probe to Saturn launched in 1997 was packed with 72 pounds of plutonium with unimaginable consequences had it failed. At the end of its mission it was crash-landed into that planet in April 2017.

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