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2nd diver sucked into St. Lucie nuclear power plant sues

A diver sucked into and through the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant intake tunnel has sued owners, Florida Power and Light.  As reported by West Palm Beach television station, WPTV, Christopher Le Cun, who was entrained at the plant at Hutchinson Island, FL last July, is bringing suit against the company in hopes that this will prevent such an incident from happening to others.  As Beyond Nuclear reported in 2001, in its landmark investigative report, Licensed to Kill, this had indeed happened before, to scuba diver Bill Lamm, whose story uncannily mirrors the one told now by Le Cun. 

Incredibly, Lamm was charged with trespass when he emerged in the plant's intake canal after his terrifying journey through the intake pipe.  This time, FPL is claiming that Le Cun deliberately entered the intake tunnel.

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA), the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and FPL have been stalling a Section 7 Review for a Biological Opinion under the Endangered Species Act since 2006. 

NMFS has been stalling a Beyond Nuclear FOIA of the BO communications with FPL and NRC for nearly a year.

This fits within the pattern of behavior uncovered in our 2001 report which found capitulation and collusion between agencies and the industry in order to save the industry the cost of installing exclusion devices that would prevent the entrainment of sea turtles, manatees and other sea life --- and, as it turns out, human beings.


Please view our video below to learn more about how nuclear power plants like St. Lucie harm and endanger not only human beings but countless animals including endangered species.