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Fukushima radioactive leak is 'the greatest threat humanity ever faced' 

David Webb, Chief Executive Officer of Origin Investments AB: This problem with radioactive water was an inevitability. So, this has been known for 2 years. So, I think it does point out that the time had passed to allow the people in government there and TEPCO to address the situation. This calls for international cooperation.

The leakage of water from these cores is bad enough but the most dangerous thing is the cooling pool of unit 4. Now it is terribly dangerous because the entire hot core of reactor 4 had been removed and put in this cooling pool shortly before the tsunami. So, there was a hot core in this cooling pool the entire superstructure building was blown off in a hydrogen explosion.

The entire area is weakened and there is a great risk of an aftershock. Now this pool contains something on the order of 400.000 kg of hot plutonium. So, the thing that people should be aware of is that TEPCO is going to begin attempting to remove these rods from this pool to some other type of storage. This has never been done with plutonium rods that have been out of a core for such a short period of time.

I think it is imperative that this is not looked at as a contracting opportunity and opportunity to make money out of this situation. This has to be dealt with something like a space race, like with the funding of a space program and all the technology and resources brought there for that kind of an effort. The inertia that we have seen with this, we are not seeing that kind of focus internationally. That needs to be brought to bear. Voice of Russia