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NRC ASLB to hear oral arguments Wed., July 24th on risky Davis-Besse steam generator replacements

Toledo attorney Terry Lodge represents the environmental coalition. Here he speaks out against Davis-Besse's 20-year license extension at an NRC hearing held at Oak Harbor High School in August 2012DAVIS-BESSE HEARING DOCKET: Click here to link to all the official documents filed in the environmental coalition intervention against FirstEnergy's risky steam generator replacements at Davis-Besse

Davis-Besse Steam Generator Replacement Hearing before the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board

“Telephonic Oral Hearing” will begin at 1:30 pm EST Wed., July 24, 2013.  Please phone into Hearing @ 800-779-1642  passcode is 8093521

Contact: Michael J. Keegan, Don’t Waste Michigan (734) 770-1441Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear (240) 462-3216Patricia Marida, Sierra Club Ohio (614) 890-7865

ASLB Hearing Notification link 


The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board will hear oral arguments Wed., July 24, 2013 on the Davis-Besse nuclear plant steam generator replacements. The contention alleges that at least nine major nuclear plant modifications have not been scrutinized and must do so, in a full license amendment proceeding.  A very similar contention led to the permanent shutdown of two reactors at San Onofre nuclear plant in CA on June 7th.

The contention was filed May 20th by Interveners including Beyond Nuclear, Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario, Don’t Waste Michigan, and the Sierra Club of Ohio. The oral arguments will discuss standing and whether the ASLB should admit the contention on the merits.  The (ASLB) Board intends to ask questions regarding the Joint Petitioners’ standing and the admissibility of the proffered contention.

The steam generator replacement concerns at Davis-Besse are nearly identical to the engineering shortcomings at the San Onofre reactors which led to their failure and ultimate closing of those reactors.  Fairewinds Associates,Inc's Chief Engineer Arnold Gundersen provided expert testimony, on behalf of Friends of the Earth, which led to the closing of the two San Onofre reactors.  Arnold Gundersen is now expert for the environmental interveners on the Davis-Besse steam generator replacements.

Background narratives with updates are posted at Beyond Nuclear at the following links: 

May 21, 2013, Environmental coalition challenges experimental steam generator replacements

June 22, 2013, Coalition defends its challenge against risky steam generator replacements

July 9, 2013, Coalition defends intervention against risky steam generator replacements by rebutting FirstEnergy "Motions to Strike";

July 12, 2013, Coalition defends intervention against risky steam generator replacements by rebutting NRC "Motions to Strike".

The entire ASLB docket, including environmental interveners' testimony and petition, is posted online. Documents will also be sent upon request (see contacts above).

Interveners are seeking to prevent the unregulated installation of replacement steam generators which are not “like-for-like”, “same-for-same”, “fit-form-function”.  FirstEnergy’s attempts to install steam generators without adequate oversight put the entire Great Lakes basin at risk of a catastrophic cascading steam generator failure leading to Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) resulting in meltdown and potentially catastrophic radioactivity releases.

Post hearing individual interviews can be arranged by contacts listed above.