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8 arrested occupying Entergy's New Orleans HQ

In a day of solidarity with Vermont, eight New England activists were arrested occupying the New Orleans HQ of Entergy which owns Vermont Yankee. The State of Vermont had authorized an on-schedule shutdown of the 40-year old plant when its original operating license expired on March 21, 2012. Entergy was given a license extenstion by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to continue operating the plant and also took the State of Vermont to federal court, winning the right to continue running the plant. The eight members of the Safe and Green Energy Alliance posted crime scene tape and held banners after entering the Louisiana-based corporation's headquarters. They were all arrested. Watch for updates, but it appears likely they will face 24 hours of jail time before arraignment. Read the press release with full details here. The Commons reported on this story. The New England Natural Guard affinity group (including Beyond Nuclear's Reactor Oversight Project Director Paul Gunter, and intern Kendra Ulrich) has posted a flyer, and managed to snap a group photo deep in the heart of Entergy Nuclear corporate headquarters as they awaited their arrest, followed by mug shots such as this one of Kendra Ulrich.