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Canadians downwind of the Fermi-2 in US still waiting for emergency preparedness resources including KI

Candian emergency responders, including the  fire department chief in Amherstberg, Ontario, are still waiting for a response from Ontario Provencial government officils regarding adequate resources for emergency preparedness in the event of nuclear accident at the Fermi-2 nuclear power station across Lake Erie in the United States.  Local and Ontario Provencial officials had a meeting the last week of January 2018 to go over the situation that commuities facing a nuclear accident from a US-based reactor were not being provided adequate and equal protection a those communities receive around Canadian reactors.  A March 2018 meeting is expected to find out more details particularly about Amherstberg  and Windsor communities receiving preparedness, including the predistribution by direct mail delivery of potassium iodide (KI) for prophylactic protection of the thyroid glands of children and pregnant women.