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Canadian emergency planning zone for Michigan reactor to receive direct delivery of KI 

The City of Amherstberg, Ontario is just across Lake Erie from the Fermi-2 nuclear power station in Monroe, Michigan. Citizens in the city after petitioning their local officials passed a resolution asking the Provincial government to provide citizens within the Fermi 2 emergency planning zone that extends into Amherstberg with the direct delivery of potassium iodide (KI). Amherstberg, Ont. Canadian health officials have responded with the direct delivery program.   Officials are looking for help to cover the cost of the expansion of emergency planning services for a potential accident at the US-based reactor.  The citizens' group has been joined by Greenpeace Canada and The Canadian Environmental Law Association to complete the task. The Provincial government currently provides free direct delivery of KI to every resident within 16 kilometers of a Canadian nuclear power station but not US-based reactors. Greenpeace Canada has been campaigning to expand the KI distribution area around Canadian reactors as well as advocate for Canadians at risk from a nuclear accident at the Fermi reactor in Michigan and the Davis-Besse reactor in Ohio on Lake Erie.