French nuclear energy operator, EDF, caught spying on nuclear opponents 
July 11, 2009

The French nuclear energy operator, Électricité de France, has been caught infiltrating and conducting surveillance on members of anti-nuclear organizations in France and potentially elsewhere in Europe, it was revealed this week. The network, Sortir du Nucléaire - of which Beyond Nuclear is a member - along with Greenpeace, were two of the organizations indentified as targets of spying by EDF security contractors, according to court papers made available to the Financial Times. The surveillance - which may also have included illegal hacking of computers belonging to anti-nuclear activists - points up the inherent incompatibility between the nuclear energy industry and democracy and also reinforces the fact that the French nuclear sector is highly secretive. The targeting of Sortir du Nucléaire - and in particular its spokesman, Stéphane Lhomme - came after a still unknown EDF source leaked confidential documents to the network showing that the French EPR reactor (seven of which are slated for sites in the U.S.) - cannot withstand a jet airliner attack. EDF, in partnership with Constellation Energy (and under the coporate mantel of UniStar Nuclear Energy) is aiming to build and operate new EPR reactors at sites in Maryland, Missouri, New York and Pennsylvania.

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