Impossibility of evacuating S.E. MI, N.W. OH, and S.W. Ontario raised as objection to Fermi 3 new reactor proposal
February 6, 2012

Michael Keegan of Don't Waste Michigan, on behalf of an environmental coalition (including Beyond Nuclear, Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination, Citizen Environmental Alliance of Southwestern Ontario, and the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter) officially intervening against the Fermi 3 new reactor proposal, has raised the impossibility of evacuating southeast Michigan, northwest Ohio, and southwest Ontario in the event of a catastrophic radioactivity release at the Fermi nuclear power plant on the Lake Erie shoreline in Monroe, Michigan (just over 10 miles north of the Ohio state line, and a mere 8 miles, as the crow flies across Lake Erie, from Ontario). This objection was one of many.

(A comprehenisive, running list of comments, media coverage, and nuclear utility and NRC responses is now posted on Beyond Nuclear's website.)

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