Centralized Storage

With the scientifically unsound proposed Yucca Mountain radioactive waste dump now canceled, the danger of "interim" storage threatens. This means that radioactive waste could be "temporarily" parked in open air lots, vulnerable to accident and attack, while a new repository site is sought.


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Fukushima Freeways?! Educational Speaking Tour Re: High-Level Radioactive Waste Shipping Risks Sets Off across Iowa to Nebraska

Iowa's Green State Solutions logo, featuring the Earth symbolBeyond Nuclear * Green State Solutions * Iowa Chapter/Sierra Club * PSR Iowa

Press Advisory: Monday, October 22, 2018 to Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Contact:  Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear, (240) 462-3216,

Mike Carberry, Green State Solutions, (319) 594-6453,


Fukushima Freeways?!

Educational Speaking Tour Re: High-Level Radioactive Waste Shipping Risks

Sets Off across Iowa to Nebraska


3,066 rail-sized casks on trains, and another 1,789 Legal Weight Truck-sized casks on the interstates, would travel through Iowa, bound for Nevada, if the Yucca Mountain high-level radioactive waste dump opens. In addition to all 4,855 casks entering from IA, Nebraska would be burdened with another 3,673 rail-sized casks traveling through. So-called “centralized interim storage facilities” in New Mexico and/or Texas could well mean even larger shipment numbers through IA and NE. (Barge shipments into the Port of Omaha are also proposed.) Health, safety, security, and environmental risks include severe accidents, or even terrorist attacks, releasing catastrophic amounts of hazardous radioactivity, impacting an entire region; even routine, incident-free shipments would be like “mobile X-ray machines that can’t be turned off,” delivering a harmful dose at close range as they pass by. Come learn more about the risks, and how you can help prevent them. (See route maps and shipment numbers for IA and NE, with a close up map of Omaha, posted at:

PHOTO OP: At each event, an inflatable, full-scale replica of a highly radioactive waste Legal Weight Truck-sized shipping cask will be deployed.

In addition to plenty of Q&A/discussion time, the 90-minute program will include:

A presentation by Kevin Kamps, Radioactive Waste Specialist, Beyond Nuclear, addressing the safety and security risks of transporting highly radioactive irradiated nuclear fuel on the roads and rails, as proposed in legislation currently before the U.S. Congress. He will also discuss the risks of irradiated nuclear fuel indoor wet storage pool fires for the entire region, and the interim alternative of Hardened On-Site Storage (HOSS), as well as the need to stop generating high-level radioactive waste.

An animation, prepared by Scott Portzline, Security Consultant, Three Mile Island Alert (TMIA), about radioactive waste transport risks in Iowa and Nebraska, will be shown. So too will a 90-second aerial drone-captured video, featuring transport routes in Pennsylvania. A short informational video, “Nuclear Transports – Eye-Witness to Rulebreaking,” also prepared by Portzline, will be shown. Lessons learned will be applied to Iowa and Nebraska.

When and Where:

12:30pm-2pm CDT, Mon., Oct. 22, Davenport Public Library, 6000 Eastern Ave., Davenport, IA;


6:30pm-8pm CDT, Mon., Oct. 22, Johnson County Ambulance, 808 Dubuque St., Iowa City, IA;


12:30pm-2pm CDT, Tues., Oct. 23, Des Moines Public Library (Central), 1000 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA;


6:30pm-8pm CDT, Tues., Oct. 23, UNO Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Ctr., 6400 South, University Drive Road North, Omaha, NE [Please note -- this event will either be postponed till Friday, Oct. 26 at the same location as listed above, or else the location will be changed and the event will still be held at the originally scheduled date and time. It turns out that that room was not available, as we were originally told. So please stay tuned, and we will make final event announcements ASAP. Thanks for your patience.]


Complimentary food and beverages will be provided at each event.


For more info.:


NRC: Extension of scoping period for NRC's Environmental Impact Statement on Interim Storage Partners proposed consolidated interim storage facility

As announced by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, at 2:12pm Eastern on Thursday, October 18, 2018:


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff is preparing its response to an October 2, 2018, letter from representatives of 37 organizations and 4 individuals.  You were identified as one of the signatories to that letter.

This email is to notify you that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff is extending the scoping period for its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on Interim Storage Partners LLC’s proposed consolidated interim storage facility in Andrews County, Texas.  The EIS scoping period was scheduled to close on Friday, October 19, 2018, but the NRC staff is extending the period to Monday, November 19, 2018.  A Federal Register Notice to this effect will be published on October 19, 2018.

The NRC staff soon will be responding to other items requested in the October 2, 2018, letter.


Thank you,

James Park, Project Manager

Environmental Review Branch

Division of Fuel Cycle Safety, Safeguards and

  Environmental Review

Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards


Beyond Nuclear, environmental allies, defend legal interventions against Holtec/ELEA CISF


Combined Reply Of Don't Waste Michigan, Citizens' Environmental Coalition, Citizens For Alternatives To Chemical Contamination, Nuclear Energy Information Service, Public Citizen, Inc., San Luis Obispo Mothers For Peace And Nuclear Issues Study Group;

Sierra Club;

Alliance for Environmental Strategies.

These filings came in response to Holtec International, and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff, October 9th filings, challenging the environmental opponents' to Holtec's centralized interim storage facility for irradiated nuclear fuel in New Mexico, including challenging the environmental groups' legal standing, as well as the merits of their legal and technical contentions.

Beyond Nuclear and its environmental allies requested hearings, and petitioned for leave to intervene, on September 14th. Beyond Nuclear also filed motions to dismiss both the Holtec/ELEA, NM, as well as the Waste Control Specialists/Interim Storage Partners CISF in TX.

Next steps in this Holtec/ELEA CISF proceeding could likely include an NRC Commission ruling on the motions to dismiss, and/or the formation of a three-hearing examiner NRC Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, which would preside over oral argument pre-hearings, etc.


radioactive waste is coming through your town

(Please note, on Oct. 18, the public comment deadline was extended by NRC till NOVEMBER 19.)

Action alert from Allison Fisher, Public Citizen's Climate and Energy Program:

Dear Friend,

You were instrumental in helping stall a proposed nuclear waste dump in Texas.

Unfortunately, the same dangerous plan by the same corporate actors is back.

Tell the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that you oppose the latest version of the corporate scheme to dump nuclear waste in Texas.

Submit a comment to the agency now.

In addition to putting Texans at risk, this plan would transport 40,000 tons of lethal waste through our major cities by rail — close to homes, schools and businesses.

If allowed to go forward, the plan also would:

  • Undermine federal efforts to develop a new, less risky approach to radioactive waste storage and disposal.
  • Remove incentives to find a permanent solution to our waste crisis — putting Texas at risk of becoming an unsafe de facto dump site for the country.
  • Saddle millions of Americans with the financial and health risks associated with transporting toxic waste.

That’s why Public Citizen and our allies are calling on the NRC to reject this bad proposal — once and for all.

Add your voice now.

We need a less risky, permanent approach to our decades-old lethal nuclear waste problem.

This is far from it.

Thank you for taking action,

Allison Fisher
Public Citizen's Climate and Energy Program


Holtec So-called “interim” Nuke Waste Dump in NM? Legal, Activist Pushback w/Attny Terry Lodge (NH #381)

Featured Interview:

Holtec, the company trying to own nuclear waste and all its attendant monies, has a ferocious opponent in Terry Lodge.  He is an Ohio trial lawyer who has represented many clients in civil rights, civil liberties, and environmental cases. An advocate for the public interest in energy policy issues who has litigated nuclear power safety and environmental issues for 40 years, Lodge has also represented opponents of nuclear weapons and mountaintop removal mining.

Be well, stay safe, get active,
Libbe HaLevy