Conservation 101
July 12, 2009
  1. If every U.S. household installed one compact fluorescent light bulb it would displace one nuclear power plant. 1=1!
  2. Twenty compact fluorescents in every U.S. home would displace at least 25% of U.S. nuclear plants.
  3. Updated lighting, appliances, heating, cooling and other electrical systems can save more energy than all 103 U.S. reactors produce annually.
  4. Cost-effective energy efficiency measures for homes and business can save from 20% to 47% of electricity use according to a study by five U.S. national laboratories.
  5. Turning off and unplugging electrical equipment not in use; or line-drying clothes seem like small measures but make a big difference.
  6. Homeowners and renters alike can choose to buy green power instead of nuclear-generated electricity.
  7. Properly sealing and insulating your home can save between 25%-40% of building heat loss.
  8. Renewable energy sources can meet 25% U.S. energy needs by 2025. Talk to your state representatives about ensuring that your state maximizes its use of renewable energy in the form of a renewable portfolio standard.
  9. Shifting to locally generated electricity avoids waste, reduces brownouts and blackouts, increases efficiency of service and creates jobs.
  10. Climate change is underway. Renewable energy can be brought on line faster, more cheaply and more safely than nuclear power.
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