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JOIN NIRS, Beyond Nuclear, and the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent's mobilization for Climate Justice!

Action alert from Tim Judson, NIRS executive director:

Dear friend,

It's time to break out your marching shoes!  On April 29th, NIRS and the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent will join the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC, to demand immediate action from the US government and all of the governments of the world. We are marching for a 100% renewable, nuclear-free, carbon-free world.

The solutions to the climate crisis are clear: A rapid, just transition to a nuclear-free, carbon-free, 100% renewable energy system. It is an energy system that doesn't rely on antiquated energy models of the 20th Century and their polluting nuclear power and fossil fuel technologies, but on the safe, clean, affordable, and sustainable renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart technologies of the 21st Century.

Nuclear power in particular cannot solve the climate crisis, JOIN US as we let the US government know!  Indeed, its continued use exacerbates global warming by preventing the deployment of clean energy systems.

Among a myriad of other problems, nuclear power is also rooted in environmental injustice and human rights violations.  First Nations, people of color, and low-income communities are targeted for uranium mining and radioactive waste. Radiation harms women and girls at twice the rate as their male counterparts. And radioactive pollution indiscriminately harms future generations, poisoning the environment for hundreds to thousands of years.

Clean energy, including solar, wind, geothermal, increased energy efficiency, distributed generation, electricity storage and other advanced technologies can meet the world’s energy needs without carbon and methane emissions, radiation releases, and other pollutants.

Please join us in organizing for the People’s Climate March, and in marching for a vision of a clean, safe, just CARBON-FREE and NUCLEAR-FREE world. 

Thanks for all you do!

Tim Judson
Executive Director



The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time.  Immediate action is necessary to slash climate-changing emissions in all sectors of society.