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Government spying on non-nuclear movement in Canada

In his book CANADA'S DEADLY SECRET: Saskatchewan uranium and the global nuclear system (Fernwood Publishing, Canada, 2007), Jim Harding documents Canadian government spying on the anti-nuclear movement. He discussed it in the context of documenting a secret, $2.5 million pro-nuclear propoganda and disinformation campaign orchestrated by the Canadian [federal government's] "Crown corporation" Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd. (AECL), mandated to promote nuclear power, and carried out by the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA):

"The cynical use of clandestine tactics by the nuclear industry is demonstrated by the fact that, while this CNA "public information" campaign was occurring, the AECL was creating a secret database on the personnel, funding and vulnerabilities of about a hundred anti-nuclear groups across Canada. This "Database of Anti-Nuclear Groups" was published for "Restricted Commercial" use by the AECL in January 12, 1988. It was done by the Ridley Research Group of Toronto and was leaked to several anti-nuclear activists across Canada including myself. As this nuclear offensive continued, it felt like the non-nuclear forces were on the receiving end of a counter-insurgency campaign to push back the gains made over the previous decade. Shutting down the nuclear industry was not going to get any easier." [from Chapter 5, "Corporate Agenda," page 75]