Like to comment on reactor safety and environmental impacts? Show your government issued ID and open your trunk!
November 4, 2010

As reported by Tom Henry of the Toledo Blade -- board member of the Society of Environmental Journalists and longtime nuclear power muckraker -- concerned citizens wishing to take part in an NRC public meeting about FirstEnergy's application for a 20 year license extension at its problem-plagued Davis-Besse atomic reactor near Toledo must show government issued identification, and submit to a vehicle search. This is because NRC chose to hold its "public" meeting and "open house" at the Camp Perry training complex of the Ohio National Guard (infamous for the May 4, 1970 Kent State University shootings that left three unarmed college anti-Vietnam War protestors, and another young woman who was simply walking to class, dead. Nine other students were wounded, one permanently paralyzed.)


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