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This Texas Oil Town Actually Wants the Nation’s Nuclear Waste

That's the headline on the Bloomberg article.

But it's not exactly accurate, as reflected by the sub-headine:

  • Foes fear becoming ‘the Chernobyl of West Texas’ if it leaks
The article quotes Beyond Nuclear:

Kevin Kamps, an official with Takoma Park, Maryland-based group Beyond Nuclear, who drove to Midland for the hearing, said in an interview that high-level nuclear waste bound for Andrews would travel through major cities.

“The transport risks are for the entire country and they haven’t even been alerted,” Kamps said.

The article also quotes several other opponents to the proposed dump, including:

Tommy Taylor, director of oil and gas development for Fasken Oil and Ranch Ltd. of Midland, Texas;

Local Andrews County, TX residents, including Elizabeth Padilla (whose elegant quote is featured in the sub-headline above), a member of SEED Coalition, a legal standing declarant for a seven-group grassroots environmental coalition, Don't Waste Michigan et al., represented by legal counsel Terry Lodge of Toledo, Ohio;

and Rose Gardner of Alliance for Environmental Strategies (AFES), a legal standing declarant for Beyond Nuclear, and the 2019 winner of Beyond Nuclear's Dr. Judith H. Johnsrud 'Unsung Hero' Award, presented at the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability's annual "D.C. Days" on Capitol Hill on May 21, 2019.

(You can hear Rose Gardner interviewed, along with Beyond Nuclear's Kevin Kamps, on Sputnik Radio's "Loud & Clear" on May 22, 2019; you can also hear her "Voice from the Frontlines of Nuclear Waste" on a NIRS telebriefing dated July 19, 2019, alongside Diane D'Arrigo of NIRS, David Rosen of Midland TX, and Don Hancock of SRIC in ABQ NM.)