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NIRS telebriefing: Voices from the Frontlines of Nuclear Waste

As announced by Diane D'Arrigo of NIRS:

Posted July 19, 2019

NIRS Tele-Briefing

Residents of Texas and New Mexico are facing down the nation’s radioactive waste corporations and Congressional leaders who want to put massive, new nuclear dumps in their communities.

In this national briefing recorded on July 18, 2019, you will hear from frontline organizers about the steps they are taking to STOP NUCLEAR WASTE DUMPS in TEXAS and NEW MEXICO and the “Mobile Chernobyl” shipments they would trigger, as well as next steps needed to stop the US Congress from changing the law to make these dangerous plans legal.


  • Rose Gardner – Alliance for Environmental Strategies (AFES), New Mexico
  • David Rosen – Midland, Texas
  • Don Hancock – Southwest Research and Information Center
  • MODERATOR: Diane D’Arrigo – NIRS Radioactive Waste Project Director

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NIRS hosts these quarterly national telebriefings to provide an opportunity for our supporters and the general public to share an evening with people confronting nuclear energy and environmental problems and to learn more.

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