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radioactive waste is coming through your town

(Please note, on Oct. 18, the public comment deadline was extended by NRC till NOVEMBER 19.)

Action alert from Allison Fisher, Public Citizen's Climate and Energy Program:

Dear Friend,

You were instrumental in helping stall a proposed nuclear waste dump in Texas.

Unfortunately, the same dangerous plan by the same corporate actors is back.

Tell the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that you oppose the latest version of the corporate scheme to dump nuclear waste in Texas.

Submit a comment to the agency now.

In addition to putting Texans at risk, this plan would transport 40,000 tons of lethal waste through our major cities by rail — close to homes, schools and businesses.

If allowed to go forward, the plan also would:

  • Undermine federal efforts to develop a new, less risky approach to radioactive waste storage and disposal.
  • Remove incentives to find a permanent solution to our waste crisis — putting Texas at risk of becoming an unsafe de facto dump site for the country.
  • Saddle millions of Americans with the financial and health risks associated with transporting toxic waste.

That’s why Public Citizen and our allies are calling on the NRC to reject this bad proposal — once and for all.

Add your voice now.

We need a less risky, permanent approach to our decades-old lethal nuclear waste problem.

This is far from it.

Thank you for taking action,

Allison Fisher
Public Citizen's Climate and Energy Program