Canada is the world's largest exporter of uranium and operates nuclear reactors including on the Great Lakes. Attempts are underway to introduce nuclear power to the province of Alberta and to use nuclear reactors to power oil extraction from the tar sands.



"Nuclear waste burial near Lake Huron opposed by Great Lakes Bay Alliance"

Heather Jordan has reported at MLive that the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance is encouraging all citizens and elected officials to submit comments by the Sept. 1st deadline to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, to express opposition to the Ontario Power Generation Deep Geologic Repository proposed at Bruce Nuclear Generating Station on the Lake Huron shore in Kincardine, Ontario.

The Bay Alliance has expressed deep concern about the potential impact of the proposed dump on the life and livelihood of the entire region.

As reported:

"The Saginaw Bay Watershed is an extraordinarily important asset to the entire Great Lakes Bay Region," Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance President and CEO Matthew Felan said in a statement. "The future vitality of the region's economy and our quality of life is in jeopardy from this irresponsible proposal."

..."We simply cannot put the Saginaw Bay Watershed at risk from any radioactive nuclear waste," Felan's statement continued. "The Great Lakes Bay Region benefits immeasurably from shipping, transportation, tourism, boating, beaches, clean and accessible fresh water. The list is endless."


Express unconditional opposition to Canada's proposed Great Lakes shoreline radioactive waste dump by Sept. 1 public comment deadline!

Canada's federal Environment Minister, Leona Aglukkaq, has provided one last round of public comment opportunity regarding Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) proposal to bury radioactive wastes on the Lake Huron shore at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Kincardine, Ontario.

It is important to send your comments to the Federal Minister of the Environment Leona Aglukkaq by the Tuesday, September 1st deadline.

Express "unconditional opposition" to the DGR proposal (DGR is short for Deep Geologic Respository).

Be sure to include "Docket #17520" at the top of your comments, so that they can be directed to the proper place (OPG's DGR EA docket -- EA is short for Environmental Assessment).

You can email your comments to

You can snail mail your comments to: National Programs, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, 22nd Floor, 160 Elgin St., Ottawa ON K1A 0H3 (just be sure to get it postmarked by the Sept. 1st deadline).

And here is another way to express your opposition to this dump by the Sept. 1st deadline, an idea from our friends and colleagues at Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump:

Download this poster. Print it. Fill in the blanks. Take a selfie. Post it on Facebook. Post it on Twitter. And email it to Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq at:


Al Jazeera America: "Nuclear waste site bid makes waves in Lake Huron"

Steve Friess has posted an article at Al Jazeera America after he visited the proposed site for Ontario Power Generation's Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for radioactive waste burial, at Bruce Nuclear Generating Station on the Lake Huron shoreline.

The article reports that the Obama administration's Environmental Protection Agency and State Department have signed off on the proposed dump -- thus putting at risk tens of millions of Americans in eight states who depend on the Great Lakes for drinking water. No explanation is given for the Obama administration's dereliction of duty.

Dump opponents Beverly Fernandez from Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump, and Marti McFadzean (an immediate neighbor to Bruce Nuclear, living in Inverhuron), are quoted in the article.


The Voice: "Organizers deem rally against proposed nuclear waste dump a success"

Jeremy Whitmore, Kevin Kamps, Jutta Splettstoesser and Valerie Daggett were at the event. (Photo by DAVE ANGELL). Whitmore and Daggett organized the rally. The Blue Water Bridge, St. Clair River, and Lake Huron are visible in the background.Jim Bloch has reported in The Voice on the Aug. 16th rally in Port Huron, MI in opposition to the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) proposal to bury radioactive waste on the Lake Huron shoreline upstream, at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Kincardine, Ontario.

Beyond Nuclear's radioactive waste watchdog, Kevin Kamps, is quoted in the article, as are several environmental allies. The article also features a photo gallery.

And, as mentioned in the article, the rally organizers' Facebook page also include a link to a ten-minute YouTube video montage of the day's activities, speakers, and participants.


"Canada Might Start Dumping Nuclear Waste Near the US Border"

As reported by Arthur White of VICE News, the U.S. State Department is derelict in its duty to protect the Great Lakes against a radioactive waste dump, proposed by Ontario Power Generation to be built on the Lake Huron shoreline, upstream of 40 million people's drinking water supply. Both Sierra Club of Canada, as well as Canadian Environmental Law Association, are quoted in opposition to the Deep Geological Repository (DGR).